The Use of Gardening and Green Space Therapy in Mental Health

Gardening and green space therapy are becoming increasingly popular in healthcare settings. These interventions provide a healing environment for patients, staff, and visitors. Gardening is a physical activity that also enhances self-esteem and helps to reduce stress. In addition, gardens are a great place to relax and feel connected to nature. Physical Exercise Physical exercise

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Economic Perspectives on Mental Health

The economic perspectives on mental health deals with the effects that it can have on individuals, families and society as a whole. It includes the costs of mental illness and the effects that it can have on other factors, such as education, poverty, violence, neglect, aggression and isolation. Mental disorders represent a high cost for

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Personality Profiles of Individuals With Mental Health Disorders

Personality profiles of individuals with mental health disorders differ significantly from those without an illness. This is often the case because personality patterns change when a person’s mood, anxiety, or other condition is treated. Among the most well-known and widely used personality models are the “Big Five” traits, which include neuroticism, extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, and

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