Unraveling the Triad: The Interplay Between Insight, Adherence, and Disability in Mental Health

You are exploring here The Interplay Between Insight, Adherence, and Disability in Mental Health. Psychiatric disorders substantially contribute to global disability, with an increasing number of individuals affected. With the complexity inherent in mental health disorders, professionals and researchers are actively pursuing a better understanding of these conditions and the variables that impact the prognosis.

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Emotional Intelligence: Empowering Health Care

Emotional intelligence (EI) is transformative in health care, enabling professionals to provide compassionate care, enhance patient experiences, and improve health outcomes. As the recognition of emotional intelligence grows, healthcare organizations realize its value in building strong relationships. Fostering empathy, and navigating complex healthcare dynamics. This article explores the importance of emotional intelligence in healthcare, its

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Real-World Evaluation of Mental Health in LMICs

In many low- and middle-income countries (LMICs), people with mental health conditions don’t receive the care they need. Stigma, lack of human resources, and fragmented service delivery models are common barriers to treatment uptake. To address this gap, researchers and clinicians must evaluate and implement real-world mental health services in the community. To do this,

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